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Some Children and Young People Prefer to Have 1:1 Support

This mentoring is typically delivered by trained degree students from Liverpool John Moores University who are from The School of Education.

Each child normally accesses 4-6 private 1:1 sessions at school, during the school day. In these sessions the mentor will give the child time to talk about any worries and feelings and will develop bespoke sessions to provide the child with some coping strategies.

The Activities

For some children it helps them to process their feelings and experiences through games, or craft activities such as making ‘missing you’ boxes or making cards / writing letters for the parent / family member in prison. Others might want to try and learn about how to manage difficult feelings such as anger, sadness or mixed feelings. Some might simply enjoy having a mentor to offload to and some might like the mentor to talk to about wider challenges such as friendships, or their education. The design of the sessions are informed by the child.

We also understand that children who access school based mentoring might not want other children in their school to know why they are having ‘special attention’ so we work hard to protect their privacy.

1 to 1 mentoring in schools

Sessions are private helping those who do not want to discuss their feelings and issues with other children and young people.

Communication will take place with the children and young people, parent/carer and teacher to arrange times that do not take the child away from their favourite or essential classes.

Care is taken to protect the child’s privacy about why they are having their sessions from the other children and young people in their school.

The session plans are bespoke; informed by the child’s particular wants and needs.

1 to 1 mentoring in schools
Working with Teachers and Other Professionals

When we support children in schools we do feedback to one teacher or member of staff, nominated by the family, so that school can be as supportive as possible. If other professionals are involved in the child’s life, such as social workers, we can, with permission from the family, attend meetings such as core group meetings to feedback about the progress the child is making in their mentoring sessions.


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