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Support Groups for parents and carers

We run support meetings for parents and carers of children impacted by parental imprisonment. These are a chance for the non-offending parents and carers to share coping strategies and information that helps families navigate their way through the criminal justice system. Some of our topics include, how to help anxious children at home, how to support loved ones inside, how to support children who no longer have contact with their imprisoned parent, how parents/carer can look after their own mental health, and access to wider support services. These currently run on Zoom and are attended by parents / carers and professionals who are particularly motivated in their roles to help prisoner’s families.

We are a friendly non-judgemental group, and know that everyone’s story is unique.

Helping children with a parent in prison is often not easy; we worry about the children and whether we are doing or saying the right things.  Also we know that we need to look after ourselves as well.

Where possible we get together for a relaxed cuppa and cake to support each other. Parents, grandparents, family carers, foster carers all welcome.

Parent and Carer Support Groups

Meet others parents/carers who have a family member in prison

Learn from each other about ways to navigate the criminal justice system

Know that you are not alone

Be able to talk openly about your worries or wishes, without children being present

Parent and Carer Support Groups

We normally meet face to face during school times as we know that childcare is often an issue.

We sometimes meet online in the evenings which is helpful for those who work during the day.

Please do let us know if you are interested in this adult support group. We only run the groups when there is enough take up and are guided by demand.


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