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Our key focus centres on supporting children and young people, ages 5 - 18 years,
who have a parent in prison

We help at any stage of the criminal justice system. This means that children, tweens and teens are welcome when a parent has been arrested and awaiting trial, or whilst their parent is in custody, or after a parent has been to prison and is now released.

We are “ACE” aware. This means we understand that having a family member sent to prison is an adverse childhood experience. We therefore take a trauma informed approach to practice.

We aim to mitigate against this childhood trauma by providing an early intervention service to help children build their resilience, particularly through positive relationships with mentors and peers, and by providing wider opportunities for learning, relaxation, community leadership and fun.

Families can self-refer, or professionals can make a referral with consent from the family. To make a referral please click here.


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