Child Rights Connect

One of our young people is fighting for children’s human rights on a global level

We are so proud of Savannah, aged 12yrs. Savannah was selected to represent the United Kingdom and TimeMatters UK for Child Rights Connect. She is now in her second year of service where she is working with young people from around the world to help ensure that all children can fully enjoy their rights, as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. She has spoken up in a number of online conferences and most recently joined an international adolescent girls forum where she considered how girls are listened to by parliament in their own country.

She was able to reflect on our “Time to be Heard” conference in Westminster and our frustration that some of the adults at the conference tried to take over our ‘child voice’ event, and that we still need more support from the UK government to make sure all children are offered support if they experience an adversity in childhood. Her recent work was considered with interest by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and will inform “The Global Parliamentary Report”, which is published every five years. We are so proud of all you are doing, Savannah, to help young people around the world.

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